Gourmet cuisine in the hotel restaurant in Grossarl

Creative life cuisine for connoisseurs

Markus Hettegger and his team of chefs at the Vitalhotel Tauernhof conjure up delicious Austrian and international dishes with a wealth of creative ideas and attention to detail, going under the motto “creative life cuisine in a Grossarl way”.

At the end of a fun-packed day on holiday, come and be amazed at the creativity and taste sensations served up in the cosy atmosphere of our restaurant, accompanied by a glass of fine wine or a good beer.

Home-made and local – Delicious ingredients from the Grossarltal region and Salzburger Land

Your well-being is important to us, and we therefore take great care in our choice of ingredients, paying attention in particular to local produce that is fresh and of top quality. We use mainly local ingredients in preparing our meals, whether they be Austrian delicacies or international treats. The venison and beef come from the Grossarltal region, and our honey, cheese, and milk come on a daily basis fresh from local farmers. Bakery items are similarly from Austrian suppliers.

A region of taste

  • Our venison comes from our own huntsman and estate manager, Dr. Draxler. Our lamb also comes directly from the Grossarltal region.
  • Our Grossarl Alpine cheese and our Alpine butter come from the Rohrmoser family at the Loosbühelalm
  • Our Grossarl sour cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt, and curd cheese comes from the Gruber family at the Schiedsteinhof
  • Our Grossarl cheese produce comes exclusively from the Grossarl mountain farm cheese gourmet region.
  • Our forest blossom honey is made by the Kreuzer family, at the Inhögbauer farm.

“Vitality to me means a life that is unforced. Enjoy what you want, when you want it, whether it be the fresh mountain air or a delicious plate of roast pork. Let us introduce you to some of the highlights of what the Grossarltal region has to offer, unpretentious and good-humoured!”

Delicious morning breakfast

We provide a comprehensive breakfast buffet to give you the perfect start to the day at the Tauernhof.

Home-made jam and Inhögbauer forest blossom honey sweeten your morning. Fresh, crispy bread straight from the local baker, fresh Alpine butter and tasty Alpine cheese from the Loosbühelalm, cream cheese and yoghurt from the Schiedsteinbauer farm, and sausage specialities from the gourmet region of Grossarltal; all of this of course makes an appearance at our life buffet!

Gourmet evening meal

Our gourmet evening meal gives you the choice between Austrian specialities and lighter, international healthy cuisine.

Our salad bar has fresh, healthy salad options each day. Help yourself to items from the cheese board too.

Once a week we invite you to our “sweet tooth” dessert buffet, and in summer there is also a barbecue or farmer’s buffet once a week.

Gluten free – Lactose free – Low fructose: gourmet holidays for those with special dietary requirements

Guests with coeliac disease or fructose or lactose intolerances can still dine deliciously here with no problem. If notified in advance, we will happily agree on a menu plan with you. Here at the Vitalhotel Tauernhof you are perfectly catered for if you happen to need special dietary options; you can then happily relax and enjoy your holiday in the Grossarltal region to the full.

Gourmet award winner – the taste of Austria

In 2015, the Vitalhotel Tauernhof won a gourmet award as a “Genusswirt”, a title that we are very proud of.

All restaurants of this type in Austria’s gourmet region have specialised in preparing unique, top quality culinary creations using the best local ingredients, quite simply because items that are seasonal, local, and fresh simply taste better.

“At the Vitalhotel Tauernhof, we live and breathe Austrian hospitality, and use local and seasonal produce, and do so on a daily basis.”

Holiday packages in Grossarl in Grossarltal

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Summer in Grossarl


Spring awakening & wellness hiking weeks

Experience the awakening of spring in the Grossarltal and enjoy the fresh, clear mountain air on hikes in the mountains in the area around our health & wellness hotel. Being healthy, getting some exercise, and simply feeling great and relaxing are what wellness hiking weeks at the Tauernhof are all about.


Mountain summer dream

Fresh mountain air, wonderful scenery, great hiking routes, and welcoming Alpine inns, a true mountain summer dream in Grossarl with 7 relaxing nights staying at the Hotel Tauernhof.

Gourmet holidays at our 4* Vitalhotel in Salzburg

Spend a delicious holiday here at our 4*hotel in Salzburger Land and enjoy being pampered with taste sensations.

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