Beauty holidays at the 4* Vitalhotel Tauernhof in Grossarltal

Well-being treatments for your beauty.

Welcome to the Beauty & SPA at the Hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl.

Experience the wide variety of treatments, applications, packs, and baths available on a beauty holiday in Austria.

Beauty area opening times for treatments:

Daily from 9.00 until 19.30

Facial treatments at the Hotel Tauernhof Salzburg

The wellness hotel Tauernhof in Salzburg offers you beauty treatments that concentrate on what’s important.

With our THALGO and Ella Baché treatments, we have solutions to all sorts of skin problems.

THALGO – An ocean of beauty and well-being

Experience for yourself the beauty and care properties of the sea. Precious products from algae, rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements give your skin a healthy, radiant appearance.

  • Deep-cleansing facial treatment
    • 60 min€ 62,-

    A thorough cleansing treatment especially for impure skin which after this treatment feels refreshed and perceptibly clean.

  • Sensitive
    • 75 min€ 80,-
    • 90 min€ 91,-

    This treatment is especially recommended for sensitive skin. A gel-based mask soothes and detoxifies sensitive and highly sensitive skin. Ideal for Couperose and irritated skin.

  • Anti-stress massage
    • 75 min€ 80,-
    • 90 min€ 91,-

    Performed using a very flat hand, this massage encourages a sense of well-being, harmonises, and soothes.

  • Clearing
    • 75 min€ 80,-
    • 90 min€ 91,-

    This treatment is particularly recommended for greasy, unclean skin. Precious oils ensure that the acid-alkali balance is put back in line.

  • Anti-aging
    • 90 min€ 129,-

    An immediate lifting effect using phytohormones from algae. Do what you can against the effects of time by firming your skin using natural marine substances.

  • Splash
    • 75 min€ 80,-
    • 90 min€ 91,-

    The super-effective moisturising treatment! There’s nothing more unpleasant than constantly stretched facial skin. After this facial treatment, your skin is in sensitively moisturised and re-energised. This leads to improved resistivity to the elements and wrinkles caused by dryness disappear.

  • Classic Thalgo facial treatment
    • 60 min€ 69,-

    Active substances from the sea specially chosen to match your individual needs.

  • Organic facial treatment “terre & mer”
    • 90 min€ 97,-
    • 60 min€ 69,-

    The organic “terre & mer” series by THALGO cleanses, whilst moisturising, caring, and rejuvenating. It combines highly effective organic ingredients from the sea and Mediterranean nature. The products are suitable for all skin types, and the treatment has the effect of making the skin firmer and smoother thanks to the extract of green Codium Fragile algae.

Ella Baché – Bringing your beauty to the fore

A special combination of plant substances and techniques brings about a harmonic balance in your skin.

  • Sensibeautics
    • 60 min€ 69,-

    This treatment was specially designed for the needs of sensitive skin and reduces redness and irritations.

  • Pure moisturising
    • 90 min€ 91,-
    • 75 min€ 80,-

    This treatment is suitable for all skin types lacking in moisture. It has the effect of cushioning your skin and imparts an unbelievably gentle and pleasant feeling in the skin.

  • Adieu to dry skin!
    • 90 min€ 91,-
    • 75 min€ 80,-

    This enveloping treatment is ideal for dry skin that is often accompanied by an unpleasant feeling to the skin, tensions, and rawness. The especially effective cocktail of nutritional substances restores the lipid layer of the skin, and adds protection.

  • Look younger
    • 90 min€ 119,-

    This treatment works wonders as an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment against the consequences of stress and the passage of time. It refines facial features, smooths wrinkles, and freshens your skin teint, giving it an immediate youthful appearance.

  • Beautiful eyes
    • 30 min€ 34,-
    • 15 min€ 18,-

    This treatment is immediately effective, de-clogging the fine, thin skin around the eyes, whilst firming up the skin, making small wrinkles almost disappear completely.

    In combination with a 15 min facial treatment – € 15

  • Classic Ella Baché facial treatment
    • 60 min€ 69,-

    A beauty programme created for you.

Additional facial treatments

  • Eyelash colouring
    • € 15,-

  • Eyebrow colouring
    • € 15,-

  • Eyebrow shaping
    • € 10,-

  • Make-up for the day
    • € 28,-

  • Thalgo eye pads
    • € 15,-

  • Thalgo eye pads (3-pack)
    • € 35,-

Body treatments at the Hotel Tauernhof Grossarl

The body treatments available at the wellness hotel Tauernhof use ingredients from the exclusive beauty brands THALGO and Ella Baché, names you can trust.

THALGO body treatment – La Beauté Marine

Experience the benefits of the sea in the Alps! Oceans are especially rich in vital elements for health and beauty. The Hotel Tauernhof uses products from the cosmetic label THALGO for your beauty.

Discover the treasures of the sea and benefit from the uniquely effective care they give.

  • Sea salt oil peeling
    • 20 min€ 35,-

    Peeling removes dead skin cells, leaving your body with a wonderfully cared-for feeling in your skin. You feel as though you have bathed in the cleanest sea in the world.

  • Algae-cream peeling
    • 20 min€ 35,-

    Enjoy a wonderfully pure feeling in your skin. This gentle, caring peeling has a wonderful fragrance of waterlily, and is especially recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Performance figure care treatment
    • 90 min€ 89,-
    • 45 min€ 55,-
    • 25 min€ 38,-

    The ideal intensive treatment for a well-formed and naturally perfect figure. An active oxygen pack stimulates, whilst two highly effective concentrates have a firming effect, together forming a perfect “sculpt massage” with long-lasting results.

    With peeling 90 minutes

  • Algae body pack – for the regeneration of the entire body
    • 60 min€ 75,-
    • 45 min€ 49,-

    Just the thing when starting to try and lose weight, or detoxify the body. This pack removes toxins, stimulates metabolism, and delivers minerals and moisture.

  • Care & clean
    • 30 min€ 36,-

    Special treatment involving peeling and a cleansing algae pack for pure relaxation for the part of the back that is often neglected. Leaves your skin with a silky smooth, relaxed feeling.

Ella Baché – Experience a well-being ritual that combines the 4 elements.

Ella Baché brings together earth, water, air, and fire in unique body treatments. This wonderful journey into the world of beauty is tailored to suit individual needs and moods.

  • The original power of the earth – a nutritional and relaxing treatment
    • 90 min€ 95,-

    A small packet of well-being involving peeling, a warming honey-almond body pack, and followed by a massage – for unbelievably soft and radiant skin.

  • Melting moment – A detoxifying, firming treatment
    • 90 min€ 92,-

    The perfect treatment for redefining contours and saying goodbye to curves that aren’t required! With peeling, a warming cocoa pack is applied, and a cooling peppermint-aniseed mask.

Hot wax hair removal

A tried and tested method that has been used by many for years for hair removal is hot wax. In hot wax hair removal, hairs are removed with their roots, with an effect that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the speed of hair growth and how strong the hair is. By regularly waxing, hair roots become weaker, hairs grow become finer, and hair growth generally slows down.

  • Whole leg
    • € 45,-

  • Up to the knee
    • € 35,-

  • Upper lip or chin
    • € 19,-

  • Bikini zone or armpit
    • € 20,-

  • Back or breast
    • € 35,-

Beauty Line – Body styling for problem zones

Shape your body – the comprehensive cure for cellulite. An effective treatment that firms your skin and gives you a slimmer figure! This treatment works wonders, with slimming and firming effects at the same time.

Your body, wrapped in cloths dipped in fragrant essences selected specially for you, experiences a unique detoxifying and cleansing effect in its tissues. The more treatments you have, the more successful it is. For this reason, we offer a special price for 3 treatments or more.

  • Body styling with Beauty Line
    • 50 min€ 39,-

  • 3 Body stylings with Beauty Line: 3 x 50 minutes
    • € 102,-

  • 5 Body stylings with Beauty Line: 5 x 50 minutes
    • € 165,-

  • Beauty Line for at home – To stabilise and lengthen your treatment
    • € 182,-

    Your wrap programme to take home with you, enabling you to benefit for as long as possible from the success of your treatment. Don’t worry, you can continue the wrap treatment conveniently and easily at home.

    Beauty Line wrap – Complete set with firming products

    For 10 applications

Our tip: happy hour in the beauty & spa area of the Vitalhotel Tauernhof

From 09:00 to 12:00 at the Vitalhotel Tauernhof, you benefit from specially reduced prices on selected beauty treatments.

In our happy hours, the Tauernhof beauty team pampers you in the art of wellness, and at same time you even save yourself some money.

From 09:00 to 12:00, the following offers are available at a special price:

Happy Hours – A bit of everything!

THALGO pampering facial treatment

Fragrant oil massage 25 min

"Schokoloko"- Body pack

Happy hour price: €135 instead of €164

Happy Hours – Total relaxation!

Whole-body peeling

Partial massage

Bath of your choice

Happy our Price: €75 instead of €94

Relaxing baths at the wellness hotel Tauernhof

The wonderfully relaxing baths at the Hotel Tauernhof in the royal luxury bathtub are individually tailored to suit your needs and have an intensive massaging effect.

Immerse yourself in a sensual world of pleasure for 20 minutes and experience a feeling of wellness and relaxation on your holiday in Grossarl.

Price per bath – € 31

  • Algae bath

    Classic Thalasso bath with algae in a pure, natural form. This packet of power from the sea contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids and has the effect of stimulating the metabolic process, as well as detoxifying, cleansing, moisturising, relaxing, and firming the whole body.

  • Milk-cream bath

    Milk regulates the balance of sebum and acid in the skin. Enriched with essences of freshwater pearls and precious oils, it is an important source of moisture.

  • Aromacéane bath

    A sea of luxurious care. Precious oils have a firming effect, breaking down fat, vitalising, and calming.

  • “Body Splash Vital” bath

    Enjoy an experience of tropical aromas as if in the middle of a blue lagoon. The extract of waterlily has a calming effect, and the precious oils and vitamins promote microcirculation.

  • Melissa (lemon balm)

    Relax in a lemon balm bath after a hectic, stressed day.

  • Citrus

    Feeling tired? Then treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing bath with the fragrance of lemon. This bath activates both body and soul.

  • Hay flower

    Hay baths are renowned as a therapeutic method. Hay flowers stimulate the metabolic process and relieve tensions in muscles.

Body packs available at the Vitalhotel Tauernhof in Salzburg

Precious essences and oils with a variety of beneficial effects are applied gently to your body and then carefully enclosed in a wrap. Thanks to the soothing heat, the pores in your skin gently open, encouraging absorption of the appropriate care substance being used.

Experience the therapeutic effect of Alpine packs from local plants and herbs from the brand Aroma Derm, natural cosmetics from Austria.

Any application: 45 minutes – € 38

  • Lavender blossom

    Perfect in cases of unrest and sleep disorders caused by nervousness. Lavender oil plays an important part in aromatherapy, especially in circulation problems brought on by nervousness.

    Using highly effective seasalt from the Dead Sea, this application has an especially detoxifying, cleansing, and harmonising effect.

  • Rose blossom

    This application has the most pleasant effect on your psyche, body, soul, and spirit. Rose blossom is beneficial in all areas where balance is advised.

    Sea salt from the Dead Sea works very effectively in detoxifying, cleansing, and harmonising.

  • Orange blossom

    The fragrance of orange blossom gets rid of depressive feelings in no time at all, perking up your general mood.

    Orange blossoms are very beneficial, regenerating inflamed skin, and having a very relaxing effect.

  • Queen of the night

    Evening primrose oil supplies important substances that are beneficial to the skin.

    This precious oil serves as a supplement for the skin, especially skin that is prone to being dry and sensitive .

    Cloths containing brine sooth minor skin disorders such as neurodermitis and psoriasis.

  • Alpine mountain pine

    Mountain pine oil is a very effective remedy for disorders of the respiratory system, being especially effective in cases of colds, bronchitis, and any other complaints in the chest area.

    This body pack also helps in cases of rheumatism, gout, and circulation disorders.

  • Salt on my skin

    This treatment absorbs tensions and stress like a sponge, removing impurities, regulating the production of sebum, and strengthening the skin’s immune system.

    First of all, your body undergoes peeling using a mixture of sea salt and oil, and then is wrapped in high-quality brine cloths.

  • The sea

    This application has Dead Sea salt to thank for its efficacy. It has an uplifting effect, reducing stress and assisting in the removal of blockages in your tissues. The pack detoxifies and cleanses your skin over your entire body, bringing it back into harmony again.

  • Moor tile
    • 30 min€ 35,-

    Very effective against rheumatic disorders, muscle tensions, and inflamed joints.

Manicure & pedicure – Care for hands and feet at the Vitalhotel Tauernhof Salzburg

Beautiful hands and feet are the result of care and style. Enjoy being pampered by our professionals as they gently remove any possible pressure points, hard skin, and corns, making everything more beautiful, and making your nails shine in their new glory. After a pedicure and manicure, your hands and feet have been perfectly cared for, and you will feel like you’re walking on clouds.


For beautiful, cared for nails, they are first of all filed into shape. Then, after a finger bath, any extra cuticle is carefully removed, and to finish off, your hands and nails are treated to a caring hand cream.

  • Manicure without varnish
    • € 32,-

  • Manicure with varnish
    • € 40,-

  • Manicure with French varnish
    • € 47,-


Our foot care treatment begins with your feet being treated to a herbal foot bath. Any hard skin and corns are then removed, and your nails trimmed. Any hardening around the base of the nail is carefully removed, and to finish off, your feet are treated to a caring foot cream that matches your individual skin type.

  • Pedicure without varnish
    • € 38,-

  • Pedicure with varnish
    • € 46,-

  • Pedicure with French varnish
    • € 53,-

  • Pediküre medizinisch
    • € 42,-

Soothing hand or foot pack

  • Soothing hand or foot pack
    • € 25,-

Packages for expectant mums – Pregnancy packages at the Tauernhof

Here at the wellness hotel Tauernhof in Salzburg, we offer relaxing treatments that concentrate on the most important matters.

The body needs twice as much energy during pregnancy to supply not just the mother, but also the baby. It is therefore important that you look after yourself, and do things that benefit both you and your baby during these beautiful, exciting months.

Heavy legs, backache, and facial skin impurities are just some of the not so nice side-effects of being pregnant. This is why we offer a range of packages especially geared to serving the needs of expectant mothers.

Treat your body to some pampering, making it an even nicer place for your baby to live in.

Package I

Lymph drainage
25 min for swollen legs

A classic facial treatment
matched to your individual skin type

Massage of the shoulders and neck

Pedicure with varnish

€141 instead of €175

Package II

Manicure with varnish

Deeply cleansing facial treatment

Massage of the shoulders and neck 25 min.


€108 instead of €120


Something from men – Our Tauernhof beauty treatments especially for men

All beauty treatments at the Hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl are also suitable for men. But in addition, there are certain offers available that are specifically designed for men’s well-being:

  • “Vital” face
    • 75 min€ 78,-

    After an anti-stress facial massage, a wonderfully cooling mask is applied onto damaged skin. This is particularly recommended for men who spend a long time outdoors and are exposed to sunlight.

  • A man’s thing – 3 relaxing days for men
    • € 181,-

    • Facial treatment with product recommendation
    • Sea salt - oil peeling
    • Sea mud pack for relaxation of cramp in muscles
    • Wellness massage with warm oils – 50 minutes


    A man’s thing – The well-being programme for men at the Hotel Tauernhof in Großarl. Look your best again after benefiting from the treatments.

Kinder-wellness – Beauty treatments and massages for children & teenagers

As a children and family hotel, the Tauernhof in Grossarl also offers relaxing and pleasant treatments and massages for children & teenagers. Things that are beneficial for us adults are also things that our children like.


Our tips for your beauty holiday in Salzburger Land

Our special wellness packages at the Hotel Tauernhof offer you pampering at great value prices. Enjoy relaxing wellness holidays at the Hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl with sauna, pools, massages, and a wide range of beauty treatments.


Spring awakening & wellness hiking weeks

Experience the awakening of spring in the Grossarltal and enjoy the fresh, clear mountain air on hikes in the mountains in the area around our health & wellness hotel. Being healthy, getting some exercise, and simply feeling great and relaxing are what wellness hiking weeks at the Tauernhof are all about.

Summer in Grossarl

Wellness & relaxation weeks

Let go, relax, and enjoy the day. This is the motto of our wellness & relax weeks in the health hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl. And to make it even nicer and more relaxing, you can stay in any room category for the same price.


Friends days for the ladies – Relax with your best friends

Fancy a few relaxing days with a group of girlfriends?

Spend 3 nights as a group of girls here at the Hotel Tauernhof and enjoy being pampered by us.


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