Massages & treatments at our 4* wellness hotel in Grossarl

Pampering treatments for your well-being.

Treat yourself to a soothing massage from our well-trained beauty team on a wellness holiday in Salzburger Land. A Tauernhof massage works wonders after a hike or a day’s skiing.

A massage breaks down stress hormones, and stimulates the body to release endorphins, its own “feel-good” hormones. Tensions, of mental or physical origin, are freed, your head is cleared, and energy can flow again.

The range of massages available in the Vitalhotel Tauernhof

  • Vitalhotel Tauernhof combi-massage
    • 50 min€ 64,-

    A combination of a classic massage and a foot reflex zone massage, the ultimate in massage pleasure.

  • Full body massage
    • 50 min€ 55,-

    Firm strokes and kneading actions encourage the flow of blood, making even the larger muscle groups supple.

  • Partial body massage
    • 25 min€ 35,-

    In a partial body massage, your back is kneaded until supple, and small tensions are loosened in a very short amount of time.

  • Lymph drainage massage
    • 50 min€ 55,-
    • 25 min€ 35,-

    This gentle pressure massage helps to encourage the removal of the body’s own waste and toxins as well as reducing fluid accumulations in tissues.

  • Anti-stress massage
    • 50 min€ 55,-

    Performed using a very flat hand, this massage encourages a sense of well-being, harmonises, and soothes.

  • Fragrant oil massage
    • 50 min€ 60,-
    • 25 min€ 37,-

    This classic massage is given with warm, highly effective precious oils, guaranteeing a sense of total well-being!

  • Foot reflex zone massage
    • 45 min€ 51,-
    • 25 min€ 35,-

    This massage activates the body’s own regulatory and self-healing mechanisms, and in doing so aids in restoring balance in the body’s energy.

  • Facial massage
    • 20 min€ 24,-

  • Luxury synchronised massage – The Queen of oil massages!
    • 50 min€ 88,-

    Pure relaxation delivered by 4 hands. Enjoy being pampered by 2 masseurs for 50 min. Experience how your body achieves a sense of deep relaxation through the use of oils and wellness music.

  • Herbal pouch massage
    • 75 min€ 89,-

    This massage uses pouches of herbs, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation in the skin, whilst also loosening muscle tensions and mobilising the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, delivering a sense of deep relaxation.

  • Candle massage
    • 50 min€ 68,-

    Forget everyday life completely as you enjoy the unique fragrances and soft light of the massage candle, and the thorough massage with soothing wax; the perfect way for your body to recover from tension and stress.

  • Mer & Sens – hot stone massage
    • 75 min€ 79,-

    Experience the calming power of warm basalt stones on your skin and immerse yourself in the soothing care of the depths of the sea; a body ritual of a very special kind.

Especially for children

  • The Tauernhof massage for kids
    • 25 min€ 27,-

    Special full body massage for children

Kinesio Taping – An ideal complement to a massage

Kinesio Taping involves sticking elasticated sticky bands onto the body and compliments the effects of other treatment techniques, such as a classic massage or lymph drainage for example.

Depending on the condition, it can bring about the following

  • Muscle tensions can be reduced or increased
  • Stability of the joints can be improved
  • The lymph system can be activated more

We recommend Kinesio Taping especially for the following parts of the body:

  • Nape of the neck
  • Wrists
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Spine

Per tape – € 22,00

Our tips for your stay at our wellness hotel in Grossarl

The wellness packages we offer at the Hotel Tauernhof offer pampering at a very special rate. Experience a relaxing, restful holiday at the Hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl with sauna, pools, massages, and beauty treatments.



Spring awakening & wellness hiking weeks

Experience the awakening of spring in the Grossarltal and enjoy the fresh, clear mountain air on hikes in the mountains in the area around our health & wellness hotel. Being healthy, getting some exercise, and simply feeling great and relaxing are what wellness hiking weeks at the Tauernhof are all about.

Summer in Grossarl

Wellness & relaxation weeks

Let go, relax, and enjoy the day. This is the motto of our wellness & relax weeks in the health hotel Tauernhof in Grossarl. And to make it even nicer and more relaxing, you can stay in any room category for the same price.


Friends days for the ladies – Relax with your best friends

Fancy a few relaxing days with a group of girlfriends?

Spend 3 nights as a group of girls here at the Hotel Tauernhof and enjoy being pampered by us.


Secure your desired appointment for a massage or treatment at the 4* wellness hotel in Grossarl

Whether you have been hiking, biking, skiing, or cross-country skiing, you can find relaxation after an action packed day on holiday at the 4* Hotel Tauernhof with a massage or body treatment. Reserve your desired appointment in our spa area in good time.