What better time than to really pamper yourself than during your holiday here with us in the Tauernhof? Forget the daily grind for a few hours and enjoy beneficial treatments in our Tauernschick beauty spa.

When you return home from your dream holiday in the Tauernhof looking particularly fresh, our many Spa treatments might have something to do with it. Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:30, you can be pampered by our Beauty Team as per all the rules of this lovely art. Just reserve your treatment appointment and look forward to some time out, just for you.


Our massages



Tauernhof combi-massage 50 mins € 69

A combination of a classic massage and a foot reflex zone massage, the ultimate in massage pleasure.

Partial body massage 25 mins € 37

In a partial body massage, your back is kneaded until supple, and small tensions are loosened in a very short amount of time.

Full body massage 50 mins € 62

Firm strokes and kneading actions encourage the flow of blood, making even the larger muscle groups supple.

Lymph drainage massage 50 mins € 62 25 mins € 37

This gentle pressure massage helps to encourage the removal of the body’s own waste and toxins as well as reducing fluid accumulations in tissues.

Anti-stress massage 50 mins € 62

Performed using a very flat hand, this massage encourages a sense of well-being, harmonises, and soothes.

Fragrant oil massage 50 mins € 67 25 mins € 39

This classic massage is given with warm, highly effective precious oils, guaranteeing a sense of total well-being!

Foot reflex zone massage 50 mins € 62 25 mins € 37

This massage activates the body’s own regulatory and self-healing mechanisms, and in doing so aids in restoring balance in the body’s energy.

Facial massage 20 mins € 29
Luxury synchronised massage – The Queen of oil massages! 50 mins € 91

Pure relaxation delivered by 4 hands. Enjoy being pampered by 2 masseurs for 50 min. Experience how your body achieves a sense of deep relaxation through the use of oils and wellness music.

Herbal pouch massage 75 mins € 92

This massage uses pouches of herbs, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation in the skin, whilst also loosening muscle tensions and mobilising the body’s own self-healing mechanisms, delivering a sense of deep relaxation.

Candle massage 50 mins € 71

Forget everyday life completely as you enjoy the unique fragrances and soft light of the massage candle, and the thorough massage with soothing wax; the perfect way for your body to recover from tension and stress.

Hot stone massage 75 mins € 84

Relaxing full-body massage with warm stones.

Massage im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof in Großarl
Hot Stone Behandlung im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof
Massage im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof in Großarl

Beauty Treatments

Our facial treatments



Look younger 90 mins € 124

This treatment works wonders as an anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment against the consequences of stress and the passage of time. It refines facial features, smooths wrinkles, and freshens your skin teint, giving it an immediate youthful appearance.

Beautiful eyes 30 mins € 36 15 mins € 20

This treatment is immediately effective, de-clogging the fine, thin skin around the eyes, whilst firming up the skin, making small wrinkles almost disappear completely.

In combination with a 15 min facial treatment – € 15

Anti-aging 90 mins € 134

An immediate lifting effect using phytohormones from algae. Do what you can against the effects of time by firming your skin using natural marine substances.

Classic Ella Baché facial treatment 60 mins € 72

A beauty programme created for you.

Classic Thalgo facial treatment 60 mins € 72

Active substances from the sea specially chosen to match your individual needs.

Gesichtsbehandlung im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof

Body Treatments

Beneficial body treatments
Sea salt oil peeling 20 mins € 35

Peeling removes dead skin cells, leaving your body with a wonderfully cared-for feeling in your skin. You feel as though you have bathed in the cleanest sea in the world.

The original power of the earth – a nutritional and relaxing treatment 90 mins € 98

A small packet of well-being involving peeling, a warming honey-almond body pack, and followed by a massage – for unbelievably soft and radiant skin.

Soft & caring body peeling 20 mins € 35

Enjoy a wonderfully pure feeling in your skin. 

Algae body pack – for the regeneration of the entire body 60 mins € 75 45 mins € 49

Just the thing when starting to try and lose weight, or detoxify the body. This pack removes toxins, stimulates metabolism, and delivers minerals and moisture.

Care & clean 30 mins € 40

Special treatment involving peeling and a cleansing algae pack for pure relaxation for the part of the back that is often neglected. Leaves your skin with a silky smooth, relaxed feeling.

Frau bei einer Wellnessbehandlung im Hotel Tauernhof
Körperpeeling im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof
Körperpeeling im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof

A little bit of everything

  • Facial treatment - 60 mins.
  • Aromatherapy oil massage - 25 mins.
  • Body pack - 50 mins.

Happy Hour price: Instead of € 153,00 just € 137,00

Total relaxation

  • Body peeling - 20 mins.
  • Partial massage - 25 mins.
  • Bath experience of your choice

Happy Hour price: Instead of € 107,00 just € 96,00


Relaxation baths

Our wonderful relaxation baths in the Royal luxury tub are individually tailored to suit the needs of your skin. With an intensive massage effect, you will be whisked away into a realm of sensual pleasures in 20 minutes.

Algae bath € 35

Classic Thalasso bath with algae in a pure, natural form. This packet of power from the sea contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids and has the effect of stimulating the metabolic process, as well as detoxifying, cleansing, moisturising, relaxing, and firming the whole body.

Milk-cream bath € 35

Milk regulates the balance of sebum and acid in the skin. Enriched with essences of freshwater pearls and precious oils, it is an important source of moisture.

Aromacéane bath

A sea of luxurious care. Precious oils have a firming effect, breaking down fat, vitalising, and calming.

“Body Splash” bath

Enjoy an experience of tropical aromas as if in the middle of a blue lagoon. The extract of waterlily has a calming effect, and the precious oils and vitamins promote microcirculation.

Melissa (lemon balm)

Relax in a lemon balm bath after a hectic, stressed day.


Feeling tired? Then treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing bath with the fragrance of lemon. This bath activates both body and soul.

Hay flower

Hay baths are renowned as a therapeutic method. Hay flowers stimulate the metabolic process and relieve tensions in muscles.

Entspannungsbad im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof in Großarl

Packs & Full body treatments

Warming body packs

Precious essences and essential oils are carefully applied to your body and you are delicately wrapped in warm towels. Does that not sound dreamy? It is too. And with the beneficial effect of the Alpine packs made using local plants and herbs in Austrian natural cosmetics brand Aroma Derm, they even provide additional benefits.


Lavender blossom

Perfect in cases of unrest and sleep disorders caused by nervousness. Lavender oil plays an important part in aromatherapy, especially in circulation problems brought on by nervousness.

Using highly effective seasalt from the Dead Sea, this application has an especially detoxifying, cleansing, and harmonising effect.

Rose blossom

This application has the most pleasant effect on your psyche, body, soul, and spirit. Rose blossom is beneficial in all areas where balance is advised.

Sea salt from the Dead Sea works very effectively in detoxifying, cleansing, and harmonising.

Orange blossom

The fragrance of orange blossom gets rid of depressive feelings in no time at all, perking up your general mood.

Orange blossoms are very beneficial, regenerating inflamed skin, and having a very relaxing effect.

Queen of the night

Evening primrose oil supplies important substances that are beneficial to the skin.

This precious oil serves as a supplement for the skin, especially skin that is prone to being dry and sensitive .

Cloths containing brine sooth minor skin disorders such as neurodermitis and psoriasis.

Alpine mountain pine

Mountain pine oil is a very effective remedy for disorders of the respiratory system, being especially effective in cases of colds, bronchitis, and any other complaints in the chest area.

This body pack also helps in cases of rheumatism, gout, and circulation disorders.

Salt on my skin

This treatment absorbs tensions and stress like a sponge, removing impurities, regulating the production of sebum, and strengthening the skin’s immune system.

First of all, your body undergoes peeling using a mixture of sea salt and oil, and then is wrapped in high-quality brine cloths.

Moor tile 25 mins € 35

Very effective against rheumatic disorders, muscle tensions, and inflamed joints.

Hands & Feet


Lovely hands and feet are a sign of style and grooming. And quite honestly, it is just lovely to enjoy being shaped and filed by our experts. This not only gives your nails a nee radiant look, it also really pampers your hands and feet - with nourishing creams and packs.



  • Manicure, without polish € 37.-
  • Manicure with polish € 46.-
  • Manicure with French polish € 53.-


  • Pedicure without polish € 43.-
  • Pedicure with polish € 52.-
  • Pedicure with French polish € 59.-

Hand or foot pack

  • Nourishing pack and exfoliation for hands and feet € 27.-

Wellness & pregnancy

Especially for Mums-to-be

During pregnancy your body needs lots of energy for you and baby. That is why it is important to focus on yourself and do something good for you and your baby in these lovely, exciting months. We offer various well-being packages that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of mums-to-be.


Baby’s Best

  • 25 minute lymph drainage to counter swollen legs
  • Classic facial treatment - 60 mins.
  • Neck and shoulder massage - 25 mins.
  • Pedicure with polish

    Instead of € 198.00 just € 178.00

Power Mum

  • Manicure with polish
  • Classical facial treatment - 60 mins.
  • Neck and shoulder massage - 25 mins.

Instead of € 155.00 just € 139.00

For him

Men’s Matters

The fact that men need to take care of their skin and bodies too is no longer anything out of the ordinary. And of course all the beauty offers in the Tauernschick are adapted to suit the needs of our male guests too. There are additional well-being offers too, specific to men’s needs:

Simply for men – The beauty package for men € 169

Enjoy the best treatments for men spread out over 3 days. Beauty isn’t just something for the ladies.

Treat yourself to something special and book our beauty package for men at the 4* wellnesshotel Tauernhof.

Enjoy feeling great with a facial treatment, peeling, pedicure or massage. Our professional team are here to pamper you at the Tauernhof realm of spa and beauty.


The following are included in our Tauernhof “simply for men” package:

  • Facial treatment matched to your skin type - 60 min.
  • Refreshing sea salt-oil peeling - 20 min.
  • Pedicure without varnish
  • Calming fragrant oil massage, 25 min.
Mann bei einer Gesichtsbehandlung im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof

Wellness for kids & teens

Chic offers for kids

Our Spa treatments are not just for Mum and Dad – all our little beauty queens and kings get to relax and unwind during beauty treatments and massages. To do just that, here with us all children up to the age of 14 have their very own well-being programme:


Massage for kids 25 mins € 27

Special full body massage for children

Beauty treatments for children & teenagers up to the age of 14 45 mins € 52

The facial treatment includes:

  • Cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Massage
  • Face pack
  • Concluding care
Princess pack 55 mins € 71
  • “Zwergenmassage” for children
  • Cinderella make up
  • Mermaid bath
Cinderella make up 20 mins € 25

Special make up for young ladies

Mermaid or pirate bath 20 mins € 27

The ultimate water jet experience

Magic fingers 25 mins € 28

Nail filing, hand balsam and varnish.


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