For us regionality is not a buzzword, rather it has always been a key element in the Tauernhof. Our family has grown here and continues to expand. We know and love the region. And of course we know the fantastic people here who make great produce too.

And it is exactly that which we prefer to buy for you. We truly are ‘brutal regional’. Since it is only then when you can be convinced, not just by the unique flavours and special quality, but also because we also tell you a little story about it too - as an accompaniment if you like. And hand on heart, This is what makes pleasure in our restaurant in Großarl even more fun.

Sheep on an Alpine pasture in Großarl

Great things from our region


We prefer to buy from people we know personally. Simply because then we know exactly what their produce contains, and which we use to inspire you afresh each and every day. Would you like a few examples? Our pleasure:

  • We get our lamb for the most part from our own stock, reared by Markus.
  • Our game comes from Jagd- und Gutsverwaltung Dr. Draxler.
  • Our Großarl Alpine cheese and our Alpine butter come from the Loosbühelalm run by the Rohrmoser family.
  • Our Großarl cheese products come exclusively from ‘Genussregion Großarler Bergbauernkäse’.
  • Our woodland blossom honey is produced in Inhögbauer, by the Kreuzer family.
  • We get our ‘Großarler Sauerkäse’, cream cheese, yoghurt and curd cheese from Schiedsteinhof, run by the Gruber family.