Many need a weekly fitness routine to feel good. Fortunately, you will not have to miss out on it at the Tauernhof; just visit our well-equipped fitness room.

Fitnessraum im Vitalhotel Tauernhof in Großarl
Fitnessraum im Vitalhotel Tauernhof in Großarl
Fitnessraum im Vitalhotel Tauernhof in Großarl

Our Technogym equipment allows you to specifically target each muscle group and to just burn off those extra calories. This is what is waiting for you:


  • Leg extension + leg curl: quads + hamstrings
  • Pectoral: chest
  • Reverse fly: upper back and rear shoulders
  • Shoulder press: rear, lateral and front shoulders
  • Vertical traction: lower back and arms
  • Multi press: bench press and squats
  • Dumbbells (up to 22kg)
  • Treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainer, blackroll, jump rope, mats, resistance bands, medicine balls
Mann beim Trainieren im Fitnessraum im Hotel Tauernhof

Personal training at the Tauernhof Grossarl

Get the most out of your workout

In case you are looking for a fitness challenge or want to try a new workout programme with professional assistance, we will be happy to book a personal trainer for you (approx. 120 €/hour).

Ruhebereich im Wellnesshotel Tauernhof in Großarl

Different yoga sessions at the hotel


Yoga relaxes the mind and strengthens the body – an ideal addition to your holiday programme in the mountains. That is why we offer our guests free, professionally-guided yoga sessions on Mondays at 5:45 p.m. Classes range from traditional Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga to Yin Yoga and therapeutic yoga as well as to sound practices.

Please book one day prior to the session you would like to participate in.

Frau beim Dehnen im Fitnessraum vom Hotel Tauernhof

Full-body workout in Grossarl

Full-body workout

The slow and flowing movements of this systemic full-body workout help strenghten your core, back and pelvic floor. Experienced coaches will show our guests exercises that help adopt a correct and healthy posture – on Fridays at 8 p.m.

Please book one day prior to the class you would like to participate in.

Your active holiday in Grossarl

Looking forward to active moments in Grossarl?

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your fitness and active holiday here in Salzburg's Grossarltal. Let us know about your needs and wishes.