‘The Tauernhof is a family run business, bursting with tradition you can feel. With 40 years of experience and lots of attention to detail in the hotel, we provide our guests with a familial home from home, where they get to feel great and enjoy themselves.’ Says Christian Hettegger – providing an insight into what makes the hotel special and its values.

Lovely rooms, great cuisine and superb facilities are the hardware of any good hotel. But what makes it special, is its software. And by that, we mean the people behind the business. In our case that is us - your host family, the Hetteggers and the Tauernhof team in Großarl in Land Salzburg. We have been here for you and your loveliest holiday moments for over 40 years. Our story started with Ambros Hettegger senior, who, along with his wife Franziska opened the hotel in Großarl in its original guise in 1977. At that time it was a 3-star hotel with 29 rooms. Since then, it is not just the hotel that has grown, the family has too. Ambros junior and Anni Hettegger have been managing the destiny of the hotel for many years and have continually improved the business. Today, Christian Hettegger and his wife Katharina are the third generation at the helm. Yet all of the Hetteggers have one thing in common: They were and are passionate hosts.

Christian Hettegger and family

Katharina and Christian Hettegger

Hosts who have their feet firmly on the accelerator

With Christian and his wife Katharina, today it is the Hetteggers 3.0 who are in the driver's seat in the Tauernhof. Together with their team they look after the most important people in the hotel: All of you. After all, if there is anything that is important to these two thorough-bred hoteliers, it is personal contact with their guests. Whether they are from far away, or from neighbouring areas.

Anni & Ambros Hettegger with son Sebastian and grandchildren

Anni and Ambros Hettegger jun.

Senior Managers

The two are so closely linked to the Tauernhof that we could - and would not want - to imagine the hotel without them. And even if they are now keeping a somewhat lower profile and enjoying more time for themselves, they are always there to help provide advice to the new generation. They are always around for a spontaneous chat with regular guests too.

Markus Hettegger

Markus Hettegger

Strength in the countryside

Markus Hettegger is a real all-rounder. On the one hand, along with his brother Christian, he manages hotel operations in Großarltal in Salzburger Land and is there in person for you – in fact, he leads of many of our guided hikes. While on the other hand, he is passionate about our own farm. There he produces lots of speciality foods for our meals and is delighted to show you how things are done.


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