As the name ‘Schatzarei’ might suggest (with ‘Schatz’ being our word for treasure), it really is a treasure trove of pleasure, in two respects. On the one hand, there are all kinds of culinary treasure hiding within it, plated up for you by Head Chef Andreas Gratz and Sous Chef Thomas Kendlbacher, with their creative, regional and seasonal cuisine. On the other, in Pongau dialect ‘Schatzarei’ also means ‘conversation’ – and it is precisely this that makes the easy-going atmosphere in our restaurant in Großarl in Land Salzburg. It invites guests from near and far to enjoy a cosy get-together, while enjoying specialities from the kitchen and cellar. Or as we say, ‘kumman d’Leit z’omm’, that is, people come together by talking.

Our cuisine in the restaurant in Großarl

Great flavours, borne of passion

We would like to let you in on the three most important ingredients of all our dishes: Passion, a love for the original product and a decent helping of creativity. It is with these that Andreas Gratz, Sous Chef Thomas Kendlbacher and their team magic up amazing creations, that taste at times of far-off lands, at others of grandma’s Sunday meals and at others, quite simply unbelievably good.

Variety has a significant role to play in the restaurant in the Tauernhof – yet always with consciousness, which also goes hand in hand with sustainability in our cuisine. In our restaurant in Großarl we only use as much of each foodstuff as we need, and when it comes to purchasing, we always bear provenance and seasonality in mind. On the one hand that is good for the planet, while on the other it is particularly good for your palate. After all, what comes fresh from the forest, pasture and river, is a delectation. We just enhance it in our special Tauernhof way.

Fresh vegetables in a restaurant in Großarl

Our ingredients

Regional tastes better

Whether it is typical Salzburg specialities, classics from Austria, international favourites, or a creative blend of all three – the ingredients for all our dishes come, wherever possible, from the region. Game and beef from Großarltal, honey, cheese and milk fresh every day from the farms in the surrounding area and baked goods either from our own bakehouse or from traditional Austrian bakeries. And a few items even come direct from our own farm. Because things just taste better when you know where they come from.

Snack on an Alpine pasture in Großarl

brutal regional

We make a lot of products ourselves – on our own farm in Großarltal.